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10 Things That Cisco UCS Polices Can Do (That IBM, Dell or HP Can't) recently posted a great write up on some things that Cisco’s UCS can do that IBM, Dell or HP really can’t. You can go to to read the full article, but here are 10 things that Cisco’s UCS Polices do: Chassis Discovery – allows you to decide how many links you should use from

IBM Announces Emulex Virtual Fabric Adapter for BladeCenter…So?

Emulex and IBM announced today the availability of a new Emulex expansion card for blade servers that allows for up to 8 virtual nics to be assigned for each physical NIC.  The “Emulex Virtual Fabric Adapter for IBM BladeCenter (IBM part # 49Y4235)” is a CFF-H expansion card is based on industry-standard PCIe architecture and can

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