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IBM's 4 Processor Intel Nehalem EX Blade Server

2-2-10 CORRECTION Made Below

Okay, I’ve seen the details on IBM’s next generation 4 processor blade server that is based on the Intel Nehalem EX cpu and I can tell you that IBM’s about to change the way people look at workloads for blade servers.  Out of respect for IBM (and at the risk of getting in trouble) I’m not going to disclose any confidential details, but I can tell you a few things:

1) my previous post about what the server will look like is not far off.  In fact it was VERY close.  However IBM up’d the ante and made a few additions that I didn’t expect that will make it appealing for customers who need the ability to run large workloads.

2) the scheduled announce date for this new 4 processor IBM blade server based on the Nehalem EX (whose name I guessed correctly) will be before April 1, 2010 but after March 15, 2010.  Ship date is currently scheduled sometime after May but before July.

As a final teaser, there’s another IBM blade server annoucement scheduled for tomorrow.  Once it’s officially announced on Feb 3rd  Feb 9th I’ll let you know and give you some details.

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