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What Workloads Are Running on Your Blade Servers?

Higher CPU core counts and faster memory speeds are expanding the use case for blade servers.  In years past, a majority of users would say they use blade servers for a dense platform for virtualization.  Today, I think there are more workloads than virtualization running on blade servers, but I need your help to decide if my speculation is true.  Continue reading

eHarmony Continues to Grow – Thanks to Cisco UCS

A recent article from Gigaoam.com revealed that dating site, eHarmony, is becoming more technologically innovative, thanks in part to new technologies like OpenStack, Hadoop, Spark and Docker.   Continue reading

Dell Unveils ARM-based Server Ecosystem

Dell Copper ARM Server Ecosystem

Until today, I’ve not discussed modular hybrid server platforms like Dell’s PowerEdge C platform or HP’s ProLiant SL Servers because I personally do not think they should be classified as a “blade server.”  Perhaps I’m old school, but in order to qualify as a blade server, there must be 1) shared infrastructure 2) shared power/cooling, 3) shared I/O and 4) shared infrastructure management.  When I look at hybrid platforms like the ones mentioned above, I don’t feel they qualify as a blade server – however the marketplace, seems comfortable claiming these products as blade servers, hence today’s posting.  If you agree with me and feel this is not a true blade server, then feel free to move along to another blog article.

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