New Interactive Demo for Dell PowerEdge Servers

Warning, Dell marketing pitch follows…

Dell PowerEdge Interactive Server DemoGet a closer look at Dell’s 12th Generation PowerEdge Server portfolio and explore the innovative technologies inside the servers with the new Dell Interactive Rack, Tower and Blade server 3D demo tool.  Now you are able to turn, spin, and pull outs components of our servers via their laptop, tablet, phone or touchscreen display. Simply go online or download the new Interactive tool and you are ready to begin.”

Okay, now that is out of the way – why should you care?  Honestly, you shouldn’t unless you the type that wants to see technology before you try it out, or buy it.  This new tool from Dell gives you the ability to do almost everything you could with a real server.  I like this tool and find it useful in educating customers on Dell’s blade and I/O module portfolio – especially C-Level executives who may not have time to tour a Solutions Center.  Best of all, this tool is free to both customers and competitors alike.  Since it is web based, as new Dell products come out, you’ll be able to find it in this tool, so keep it bookmarked.

Here are the links to the tool:

–Enterprise Demo Landing Page: (includes links to the server pages as well as some SAP HANA and Data Warehousing demos)
–Rack and Tower Server:
–Blade Servers:
I’d be curious to know your thoughts – and if you know of any other tools like this from HP, IBM, Cisco, etc. please let me know and I’ll publish some info about them as well.

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