(UPDATED) HP Announces 2 New Products to Blade Server Portfolio

HP announced on Tuesday two new products to their blade server portfolio, however blade server fanatics, don’t get too excited.


32GB Dual Rank DIMM
First of the two announcements was the availability of a 32GB DIMM. Listed as “HP 32GB (1x32GB) Dual QUAD Rank x4 PC3L-10600 (DDR3-1333) Registered CAS-9 Low Power Memory Kit” under HP Part number 627814-B21 this new addition doubles the maximum capacity of blade servers. The BL460 G7 now boasts a maximum memory capacity of 384GB of RAM. As a side note, from my research, it appears this new 32GB DIMM is also available for the Proliant DL360 and DL380 G7 models. U.S. list price is $8,039.

(UPDATED 1/12/11) 32GB RAM is Quad Rank Memory. Native speed is 1066Mhz, which it will run at with 1 DIMM per channel. Once you hit 2 DIMMs per channel, the memory speed will be reduced to 800Mhz. Information on this DIMM was taken from HP’s BL460 G7 QuickSpecs at:(http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/13706_div/13706_div.PDF)

HP StorageWorks D2200sb Storage BladeHP StorageWorks D2200sb Storage Blade
The other announcement that HP made was the addition of a new storage blade to their blade portfolio. HP StorageWorks D2200sb Storage Blade (open)This new storage blade offers up to 12 hot-plug SAS drives all inside of a half-height form factor. The blade uses a revolutionary drawer technology that allows the user to open the system and slide out a drawer that holds all 12 drives WHILE the drives are running giving the user the ability to replace a hot-plug drive without impacting the other running drives. The D2200sb provides high-performance direct storage connectivity to the adjacent blade server without the need for any cables.
The D2200sb Storage Blade also features an onboard Smart Array P410i controller with 1 GB flash-backed write cache, for increased performance and data protection.

(UPDATED 1/13/11) Daniel Bowers, from HP, posted a YouTube video that demonstrates how the D2200sb slides out to reveal all 12 drives:

Direct link to YouTube:
HP’s website (and you can get a free 60-day trial here

(thanks, Dan!)

While the D2200sb provide direct connectivity to a single blade, there are a couple of ways to use for shared storage:
1) Use HP P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) software to turn the D2200sb into an iSCSI SAN for use by all severs in the enclosure and any server on the network. You can find out more about this offering from

2) Combine the HP StorageWorks X1800sb Network Storage Blade with the D2200sb Storage Blade to enable file serving and iSCSI shared storage inside the BladeSystem enclosure. You can find out more about this storage blade from HP’s website.

The D2200sb Storage Blade is being offered in 4 “flavors”:

HP StorageWorks D2200sb Storage Blade – part #AP880A (U.S. List price: $1,999)
HP StorageWorks D2200sb Storage Blade Bundle with SAAP (Smart Array Advanced Pack) License – part # BK781A (U.S. List price: $2,111)
HP D2200sb PCIe and P4000 VSA Bundle with SAAP License – part # AP881A (U.S. List price: $5,726)
NOTE: Includes the D2200sb Storage Blade, a (SAAP) License and a single P4000 VSA license. VSA software is installed in a virtual machine on a VMware host server adjacent to the D2200sb.
HP StorageWorks D2200sb PCIe Storage Blade with (12) 600GB 6G SAS HDD bundlepart # AP882A (U.S. List price: $11,320)