What’s Your Problem??

I’m deviating from the norm today to ask you a question: what’s your problem?  I ask not in a sarcastic way, but in a serious way.  Writing about blade servers is fun, but I’m looking to write up some posts on what problems blade servers, or x86 servers in general, help solve – and I’m looking for your feedback.  Of course, I could rely on the marketing that vendors provide on how they can “increase your ROI” or “reduce your TCO”, but I want REAL issues from you, the reader, and not a bunch of corporate buzz words.

What I’m looking for is to find out what business issues YOU are trying to solve in your day-to-day business.   Whether your issues involve servers, storage  or even virtualization I would like to know.  There are no wrong answers – I’m just looking for REAL answers from REAL people experiencing REAL problems.  Please leave a comment below and let me know, what’s your problem?

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