Dell’s Super Secret Society

On Tuesday I have the pleasure of joining a handful of other bloggers in Round Rock, TX, to visit with one of Dell’s top secret societies – the Dell OEM group. Okay, perhaps they aren’t that big of a secret, but I didn’t know there was such a division. The fact of the matter is the group has been around for 12 years. According to their blog, the mission of the Dell OEM Solutions Group is “to support original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that build a wide array of hardware based customizable products.”

Dell’s OEM business offers purpose-built, standards-based solutions designed for a wide range of customers – from small businesses to large enterprises – that meet an equally diverse set of needs. Our customers rely on Dell appliances and embedded systems to do the heavy lifting behind the scenes, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives for their businesses.

At the Dell OEM Day for bloggers I hope to learn more about their OEM offerings, and am curious to know if there are any OEM blae servers on the market today from Dell.

To learn more about what Dell’s OEM Solutions Group can offer, follow the action on Twitter with the hashtag #dellOEMDay on Tuesday, Dec 14.

You can also check out the Dell OEM blog at: