VMworld 2010: Up Close and Personal with HP and Dell Blades

Last week at VMworld 2010 I had the opportunity to get some great pictures of HP and Dell’s newest blade servers. The HP Proliant BL620 G7, the HP Proliant BL680 G7 and the Dell PowerEdge M610X and M710HD.   These newest blade servers are exciting offerings from HP and Dell so I encourage you to take a few minutes to look.   

HP BL620 G7

The BL620 G7 is a full-height blade server with 2 x CPU sockets designed to handle the Intel 7500 (and possibly the 6500) CPU.  It has 32 memory DIMMS, 2 hot-plug hard drive bays and 3 mezzanine expansion slots. 

HP BL680 G7

The BL680 G7 is an upgrade to to the previous generation, however the 7th generation is a double-wide server.  This design offers up to 4 servers in a C7000 BladeSystem chassis.  This server’s claim to fame is that it will hold 1 terabyte (1TB) of RAM. 

PowerEdge 11G M710HD
Dell PowerEdge 11G M710HDIdeal for virtualization or applications requiring large amounts of memory, the M710HD is a half-height blade server that offers up:

*  Up to 2 Intel 5500 or 5600 Xeon Processors 
* 18 memory DIMMs
*  2 hot-swap drives (SAS and Solid State Drive Option)
* 2 mezzanine card slots
* dual SD slots for redundant hypervisor
*2 or 4 x 1Gb NICs

PowerEdge 11G M610x
Dell PowerEdge 11G M610xAs the industry continues to hype up GPGPU (General Purpose computing on Graphic Processor Units), it’s no surprise to see that Dell has announced the availability of a blade server with dedicated PCIe 16xGen2 slots.  Here’s some quick details about this blade server:

* Full-height blade server
* Up to 2 Intel 5500 or 5600 Xeon Processors 
* 12 memory DIMMs
*  2 hot-swap drives
* 2 mezzanine card slots
* 2 x PCIe 16x(Gen2) slots