Cisco Announces 32 DIMM, 2 Socket Nehalem EX UCS B230-M1 Blade Server

 Thanks to fellow blogger, M. Sean McGee ( I was alerted to the fact that Cisco announced on today, Sept. 14, their 13th blade server to the UCS family – the Cisco UCS B230 M1

This newest addition performs a few tricks that no other vendor has been able to perform.Offering 32 DIMM slots, 2 x Intel Nehalem EX (Xeon 6500 or Xeon 7500 Series CPU) and 2 x hot-swap drives, all within a half-width form factor.  Very impressive offering although I have to admit, I’m a little ticked off that I didn’t know about this from the Cisco team ahead of time.  If I had, I might have held off my previous blog post (  Now I have to go back and update that too…

Anyway, Sean does a nice job comparing the soon to be released HP BL620c G7, the IBM HX5 + MAX 5 and the Dell PowerEdge M910 blade servers (see below), so I encourage you to go visit his blog post and read up on what’s new.  Here’s the post:

  Nice job, Sean.  Thanks for the solid write up.

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